As a large agency leader, you may have concluded that you can go it alone.

But with so much uncertainty affecting our business at the local, state and federal level, we need to unite and take action. There is no time to waste. The challenges are so big, and the work ahead so important, we need to gather our resources now to make a difference.

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About ICL

The Institute for Collection Leadership is a new and innovative organization in the credit and collection industry created with the sole purpose of promoting and advancing the specific interests of its large-company members.

How is the ICL different?

Through research, networking, thought-leadership, and targeted financial support, the ICL works to deepen relationships with policymakers, government regulatory and judicial bodies, thought-leaders, and other critical decision-makers whose actions and opinions impact our industry.

So what does that mean to you?

Proactive and effective advocacy that will develop consumer-centric solutions, deepen relationships, and advance common positions

Long-term strategic public relations initiatives that strive to change persistent negative perceptions of our valuable industry

Proprietary research aimed to inform its members, empower communications with real numbers, and combat negative stereotypes

Surveys, position papers, aggregated analysis and data collection that will move the needle on the issues that impact our industry


The Institute for Collection Leadership will hold its next meeting at the Four Seasons Resort in Irving, Texas on April 8th and 9th. This meeting is an invitation-only event.

To learn more or register for this event, please click here.

For additional information on joining the ICL, please contact Lisa Im, ICL Chairperson, at (925) 960-4771 or by e-mail.


We know and understand the issues that large agencies face every day. And we know that you need a small, agile and empowered organization focused on those issues. ICL is designed specifically to meet that need. As a result, membership in the ICL is limited.

To be eligible for the benefits and privileges of membership, a company or individual must:

  • Be members in good standing of ACA International
  • Be defined as a large company by ACA International
  • Be substantially engaged in collection of consumer debt
  • Contribute minimum annual membership dues of $5,000.

Now is the time to get involved as a Founding Member.

Founding Members will have the opportunity to give the ICL its shape and give direction to its mission. Join us today, and we’ll make a difference.

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